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What Does It Mean To Be Seen?
What Does It Mean To Be Seen?

I still remember the day I walked into the memory care community where my Mom was living. She was sitting in her wheelchair, seemingly calm and content, and looked up at me when I came close and said “Hi Mom” and bent to hug her. She looked up at me and looked away as if she had seen a blank wall.

Senior Care Authority™ Named in the Top New Franchises  by Entrepreneur® Magazine
Senior Care Authority™ Named in the Top New Franchises by Entrepreneur® Magazine

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Feed Your Soul
Feed Your Soul

Are you a caregiver? Feeling frustrated, helpless, tired, even angry about your situation? And maybe you also feel guilty for having those feelings? You are not alone. None of these feelings are unusual, given the circumstances.

Finding Your Seat, Finding Your Way
Finding Your Seat, Finding Your Way

Moving to an assisted living community, particularly as a single person, can feel reminiscent of the high school cafeteria at your new school. Where do I sit? Who do I talk to? Is there a friendly welcoming face in this crowd? Who will teach me the ropes?

"I'm Not Really Hungry"

The last time you were visiting Mom, did you happen to look in her refrigerator or cupboards? Did they contain the foods you remember when you were growing up? Were there fresh items, dairy products such as milk with current expiration dates? Was there some nutritional balance in the assortment of foods?

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Downsizing, Rightsizing and Sorting Through a Loved One’s Possessions - Click here for transcript

Rachel Kodanaz is a heart-minded professional helping her audiences to Embrace Life’s Challenges. Rachel has been speaking passionately to national audiences for over 20 years, addressing all aspects of change, growth, and acceptance that comes with embracing life challenges. Rachel has published numerous articles and has appeared on Good Morning America. Her books, Finding Peace, One Piece at a Time: What to do with yours or a loved one’s personal possessions, best-selling Living with Loss One Day at a Time, and Grief in the Workplace have received international acclaim.

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